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How to Use Tikuna

Before starting

  • Install docker If you have previously installed Docker, verify it using the docker --version command and proceed to the next step.
  • Create a local directory named /data; if this directory already exists, proceed to the next step.
  • Copy the folders that contain the data to the /data directory created in the previous step.


To run this project, install it locally using:

- $ git clone
- $ cd tikuna
- $ docker build -t tikuna:latest .

Quick start

To begin using Tikuna, perform the steps below.

  • Inside the Tikuna project directory, go to the bin folder and execute the following command to start a docker container:

       $ ./
  • Once inside the docker container execute the following command to launch a Jupyter Notebook session in which the machine learning algorithms can be executed using Ethereum data:

       $ ./bin/
  • After executing the previous command, you only need to open a browser, and then copy & paste the displayed URL.

  • In the web browser, navigate to the analysis folder, and then click over it.
  • Click on ethereum_lstm_log.ipynb file.
  • For each step, click the Run button and wait until the results are displayed on the screen.